Epic of Gilgamesh: A Biblical Interpretation?

“The Bible is a book of myths based on other mythical fables of other cultures combined into one book and sealed with the label as ‘God’s Word,” many atheists have claimed over the years. They point out ancient Babylonian tablets (such as the Epic of Gilgmesh) as evidence for their claims). As Christians, however, we … More Epic of Gilgamesh: A Biblical Interpretation?

God is not dead

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him” These three sentences penned by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche have become very prominent in our non-religious community today. The phrase itself derives its philosophical meaning that the humanistic teachings of today’s society has killed God and defeated any possible way of His existence. Although … More God is not dead


Thank you for joining us at Michigan Creation Research! God has laid on the hearts of three men to create a research program for the glory of God. Many exciting things will happen in the near future! The first goal of Michigan Creation Research was to obtain a webpage, and we are currently working on … More Welcome!