Copper Harbor Geological Trip (June 2020)

At Michigan Creation Research, we have a goal to study the geological evidence of the Global Flood in Michigan and the surrounding states of the Great Lakes region. We encourage each of our researchers to build a more probable model of the geological history of Michigan than what secular studies provide. We do this by holding God’s infallible Word above man’s fallible theories. In holding to the truth of the Global Flood described in Genesis, we can build models and hopefully predict how the Great Lakes region was formed.
This coming June, my colleagues and I will be traveling to Copper Harbor for a geological research trip in hopes of finding evidence of the Biblical Flood. We pray that God will provide evidence for the Genesis Deluge. With much preparation and prayer, in God’s glory, we will be able to start building models of how the Great Lakes were formed.
We are writing now not to ask for monetary support; but most importantly, we ask for your prayers. We know that this research trip will be impossible without God’s sovereign guidance and protection.

God Bless,
Chad Frantsen
Administrator of MCR

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