Logical Fallacies Concerning Biological Evolution

Many Christians, regarding apologetics, do not know how to defend their stance on the origins of the universe.  They are unequipped to defend the Christian faith and do a poor job at defending the Genesis account of creation. The greatest threat to the Genesis account today is the prominent theory of evolution. In itself, this theory has many logical and scientific flaws that are not able to be dismissed by the scoffer. By taking a closer look at the theory of evolution, we can see multiple different flaws that will utterly destroy the theory.
The laws of logic cannot attest to the theory of evolution. The first law of logic, the law of non-contradiction, states simply that two answers to a question cannot both be correct. Many scientists do not adhere to this fact and go against one of the founding laws of biology, the law of biogenesis (life cannot come from non-life), by adding another law, the law of abiogenesis (life can come from simple proteins). By doing this, they are contradicting the very foundational laws to biology.  If the theory of evolution undermines the very foundational laws of biology, would it be, by definition, even a theory of science?
Is the theory of evolution even a theory? Yes, it is. But we have to realize that there are multiple types of “evolution”: the three main being stellar evolution (the Big Bang), microevolution (change of an animal within the Biblical kind), and macroevolution (change from a Biblical kind to a different kind). By studying accurate and observable science, we can attest to the fact that there is only one type of evolution that is able to be proven: microevolution. There is literally no evidence for the other types of evolution, despite what the secular scientists say (all of the supposed “evidences” are based on faulty assumptions or misinterpretations of microevolution).  Microevolution, on the other hand, is quite Biblical and has many observable facts to back it up including the following; speciation, natural selection, and adaption. All three of these evidences have been used by secular scientists to account for evidence for macroevolution, but they “hold no water” in this context. Any of these three evidences listed can produce different species of animals but cannot produce a different Bible kind (for example, we see wolves turning into German shepherds but no wolves evolving into cats).
Since there are multiple scientific and logical flaws in the theory of macroevolution, we cannot use it for a logical means of explaining origins. Because of this, there is only one conclusion left- concerning the origins of the universe, the Bible is 100% accurate.

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