How Could A Loving God?

“How could a loving God” is a question many people have asked over the course of history. If God is a God of peace and love, how could He let someone die? How could God command the Israelites to wipe out whole nations in the Canaan Land? How could God let babies die from hunger in Africa if He was a loving, compassionate God? Atheists point out these questions in hopes to justify their own beliefs in God: they try to confiscate the truth of a holy and a loving God with a God of hate and murder.
First of all, the questions “How could a loving God” is the completely wrong question that should be asked. Rather, we should be asking, “How do you explain death and suffering where an all-powerful and loving God exists?” Instead of asking of how could God do that, we are asking how does sin exist where a loving God lives. We are addressing the problem in the correct way. By asking “How could a loving God”, we are pointing the blame of sin upon God by accusing Him of doing inhumane acts. We know, however, by reading the book of Genesis in the Bible, that man is the reason for sin. Man is the reason that our world is cursed. We read in Romans 5:12, “Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.” It is not because of God that we have sin, but it is because that man sinned against God. Because we have sinned, death, disease and decay has entered the earth and has been affecting the world since. It was not God’s fault for the death and disease in the world.
We can now take this and apply it to the Amorites. “How could a loving God kill all the Amorites including children?” is the wrong question to ask. We should rather be asking, “How do you explain wicked nations in a place where an all powerful, holy and loving God exists?” The Amorites were filled with wicked acts (sacrificing babies to false idols and murdering people), all of which were punishable by death according to the Commandments God gave to Moses. As loving God is, holy is His main attribute. Judgment will come upon people if sin is prevalent. God is a God of holiness and love and He will judge the sinner. It was not God who caused the Amorites to be killed, but rather it was the sin that was so prevalent in the land. God had to be just and holy: He had to judge the Amorites.
We see that It is not God that brought death, disease, and pain into the world but it was our sinful acts that did it. It is because of man’s sin that we have to suffer. We should not blame God for this! It is very important for us not to blame God in the hard times, for the unsaved are looking at us to see how true of a Christian we really are. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how impossible it may seem at times, we must always trust God and keep moving forward in the Christian life.

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