God’s Not Dead

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him” These three sentences penned by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche have become very prominent in our non-religious community today. The phrase itself derives its philosophical meaning that the humanistic teachings of today’s society has killed God and defeated any possible way of His existence. Although such claims of God’s philosophical death had become very prominent in our society, quite the opposite is true: God is still alive and remains alive. And we have not killed Him.
From the two very opposing viewpoints, many debates have argued over the existence of God, or any Intelligent Creator. Atheists have coordinated attacks against theists by stating that the theists have no actual evidence of God’s existence. Without concrete evidence of God’s existence, God must not exist. However, there is evidence of God’s existence, but not a lot of theists are aware of this evidence.  To accurately defend and support the Scriptures, the Christian must know what these evidences are.  To know the evidences, we must look at our universe as a whole
When we look at the universe, we see a brilliant and a breath-taking view of a massive dimension that is composed of over billions of stars stretching over trillions of miles of space. In this vastness of space, we see three giant evidences of an existence of God: uniformity in nature, morality in man, and laws of logic in the universe. These three evidences of God cannot be explained if the universe was created by random processes over billions of years. The only logical reasoning for the existence of these three evidences is that God is real. By taking a closer look at each one, we can see the evidence of God’s existence.
As we were looking in the vastness of space a few moments before, there was one particular law that was apparent in the whole universe: the law of uniformity- which states that the universe and the laws contained inside will remain constant and unchanging throughout the course of eternity. The laws of science will simply not change. This law takes organization and planning, and we know that organization and planning cannot be a product of chance and needs a creator. Uniformity throughout nature is only possible with the existence of a Creator. There could possibly be no universal uniformity if God did not create the universe.
Arguing from the atheist’s point of view, we see that there is little ground to stand on. Without God, there is no sense on why there would be uniformity of nature. After all, the universe was created by chance by a big bang billions of years ago. If this was true, we would almost expect that different sections of our universe would have different set of laws, but this is definitely not the case and we see only one set of scientific laws. This is only possible if an intelligent and organized Creator created the world.
Observing the universe again, we see in our own little Earth a certain set of laws that we call the moral code. Moral codes are unique to humanity and doesn’t exist in any other known animal. The exact reason why it is only prominent in man is unknown to science but it becomes apparent why in Scriptures. AS we read in the Bible of the creation of man, we read, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1:27) We are created in the image of God and we would expect to have moral codes if we were created in the image of god.
Atheists cannot explain a moral code. How could we possibly be moral if our brains are only a product of chance? If our thoughts are just random chemical reactions in our brain, then how could we not have a moral code where it is good to kill because of the survival of the fittest? The only logical explanation is that there must have a Creator to place the moral codes into practice.
Ironically, our last point has been used throughout this whole paper: logic. Logic is a “reasoning conduct or assessed according to strict principles of validity”, or simply the ability of a man to reason. There is no definite scientific evidence of why man actually has logic, or even one specific laws of logic. After all, if the brain is a set of chemical reactions created randomly in an evolutionary time scale, we would deductively have a random set of laws of laws. This, indeed, is a fallacy since logic cannot be produced from random processes. There must have been a Creator.
In order for an atheist to even argue against a Christian, he must borrow some laws that are only outlined and possible in the Bible: universal uniformity, the moral code, and laws of logic. He cannot argue without logic because his argument would then be illogical. The atheists must use what only the Christian can prove to exist. This leads to the ultimate evidence of God’s very own existence. In contrary to Freidrich Nietzche’s claim, God’s death has been greatly exaggerated and He is still alive.

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