Thank you for joining us at Michigan Creation Research! God has laid on the hearts of three men to create a research program for the glory of God. Many exciting things will happen in the near future!
The first goal of Michigan Creation Research was to obtain a webpage, and we are currently working on the process. Creating a webpage is a very long process, and we will keep you informed on the opening date of the webpage.
We, at MCR, are also seeking out donations of books to colabborate a research library filled with books on science, philosophy, and religion. We have, so far, received two boxes full of books!
There are many other great things that may happen in the future! Let me take a minute and let you in what we are planning for the future.
The first goal is to create a library and we are currently working on that process.
Secondly, we are trying to raise money so we can more accurately spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Thirdly, we are spreading out on social media and am thinking on joining twitter.

These are just of the many goals we are searching out to accomplish in the next few months! Please help us out any way you can!


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