“The Grandest Possible Design”

Looking into the night sky, you can peer into the vastness of thousands of stars. We see that our own star, the Sun, is just another actor in a grand performance of the cosmos. We see that our own planet, Earth, seems insignificant among the millions of stars and planets out in the far reaches of our universe. Maybe we are not the only ones out there, but we are unique.
We are the only known carbon-based lifeforms to exist in the universe. We are on the only celestial object that is known to support life. We may not be alone, but we are unique.
In fact, we are so unique that if just a minute change happened during the forming of the universe, we would not be here in existence. Physicist James Trefoil writes, “As our knowledge of the cosmos has increased, it has become apparent that, had the universe benefit together just a little differently, we could not be here to contemplate it. It is as though the universe has been made for us- a Garden of Eden of the grandest possible design.”


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